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15 April
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My name is Amanda. I'm an Aries and I live in New York, which is one of my favorite places. I love sports, especially football and baseball. I am a diehard Yankee fan, but at the same time, I have friends that are Red sox fans. To me, the whole 'Yankee/Red sox rivalry' thing is ridiculous where both sides share the blame (mind you not everyone) and they continue to hype it up to the point of where it's sickening. It sounds ridiculous to a lot of people, but I just wish that when the Yankees play the Red sox, there isn't any nonsense or boobery going on and we can just root for our teams without causing any fights/arguments. I love everyone on the Yankees, but my favorite two are Jeter and A-rod (And if he keeps it up, Teixeira might be another). Yes, despite the fact that he doesn't make the best decisions all the time and the steroids thing, I still love Alex very much and I'm glad he got his stuff together and started focusing on baseball. Also, I could never be fair-weather with him or anyone else on the team. I root for all of them through thick and thin. To Yankee fans, don't judge, but I WILL slash people from the Red sox from time to time, so don't be surprised if you find some Red sox stories on my page.

I love slash. I'll put just about anyone on the Yankees together. This is a list of my all-time slash pairings for baseball. Granted, there's a few of them that are guilty pleasures of mine and some that I'm kinda bashful about, but they're here anyway:

Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter/Dustin Pedroia,
Mark Teixeira/Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano/Melky Cabrera,
Johnny Damon/Nick Swisher, Mariano Rivera/Jorge Posada,

Aj Burnett/Nick Swisher, Jason Varitek/Josh Beckett,
David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek/Alex Rodriguez,
Bj Upton/Carl Crawford, Jose Reyes/David Wright,

Josh Beckett/Jon Lester, Joel Zumaya/Justin Verlander,
Joe Girardi/Andy Pettitte, Terry Francona/Joe Girardi

When baseball isn't in season, that's where the football comes into play (or just when the season starts). I'm a HUGE fan of the New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts. Of course I love the Manning brothers, who are made of awesome. My favorite slash pairings for football are Peyton/Eli, Peyton/Drew, Witten/Romo, and Ben/Eli.

I don’t really hate any football teams except for the Patriots. For anyone that's interested in Bostonian teams i.e. Red sox, Patriots, Celtics and love Varitek, Papelbon and Tom Brady, Yeah sorry. Don't like them. I'm not really a fan of those teams or those people, but I will be respectful to your teams and respect the fact that you like them just as long as you don't disrespect my teams or people that are on them. I DEFINITELY wouldn't encourage fan-bashing because someone likes a team that you hate nor would I stereotype fans. That's just wrong. Not all Red Sox fans are whiny, surly jerks and whatever else some Yankee fans would say, and not all Yankee fans are arrogant, ignorant and treat other fans or teams like crap because they have the most championship titles than any other team and whatever else Red Sox fans or fans of another team would say.

I'm a very fair person. I love to paint, play piano along with two other instruments that I play, and go traveling. I love me a good comedy flick because hey, laughter is one of the best medicines, though I don’t mind an action/adventure or scary movie here and there. My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple. My favorite seasons are summer and winter. I know, polar opposites, but it's very beautiful in the winter to me where I live. I love nature and watching the rain fall outside. It gives me an opportunity to reflect and feel tranquil. So, I'll be looking around. Until next time. ;D

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